Getting started

You may have a few decoys from a hunter ancestor, or had your interest pricked by a gift of one..

You may be a folk art collector or a hunter, or have no particular impetus save that decoys have caught your interest. Collecting decoys is a fascinating hobby, full of history, beautiful things to look at, and good friends with whom to spend time. However,...

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In the decoy collecting world, as in many other antique markets, there is a preponderance of gray hair, mine included.

We all acknowledge the need to infuse more youth into our hobby, particularly if we’re concerned about having a next generation of caretakers for our beloved objects....

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During the 2015 North American Vintage Decoy & Sporting Collectibles Show in St. Charles, IL, MDCA members Jeff & Joyce Hay conducted a fascinating seminar on decoys and other sporting collectibles native to Ohio.

 Their knowledge of this great waterfowling region, fueled by years of rigorous research, is captured in a beautifully designed booklet that was given to seminar attendees.

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