The searchable list below contains many educational, informative, and beautiful books about decoys and related collectibles. Many are out of print but available through MDCA member dealers and online sources.

All books are hard cover and in print unless otherwise noted
O/P= out of print from publisher
H/C = hard cover
S/C = soft cover

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Decoys Celebration of Contemporary Decoys, 1994

Wildlife Art – World’s Champion Carvers, 1996


Gun Powder Cans and Kegs, 1998

The Encyclopedia of Shotshell Boxes, 2000, H/C, S/C

Bakke & Hamm

The Last of the Market Hunters, 1996

Barber, Joel

Wildfowl Decoys, 1934, 1937, also Deluxe edition of 55 copies, Derrydale Press, 1934. A reprint of the 1934 Deluxe Edit, O/P. I/P is 1954 S/C edition


Lore and Legends of Long Point (Canada) 1977, 1979, 1990, O/P


Commercial Fish Decoys, 2001

Be’lisle & St. Onge

Decoys from Montral Region, 1998


Robert G. Litzenberg, Portrait of a Decoy Carver, 1990, O/P


Chincoteaque Carvers and Their Decoys, 1981, O/P

Decoy & Wildlife Art Trivia,1989, + S/C , O/P

Pioneer Decoy Carvers, Ward Bros., also Deluxe edit, signed by Lem Ward. 1977, O/P


Classic Hunting Collectibles: Identification & Price Guide, 2005. Has posters, calendars, pinbacks, shotshell boxes, catalogs.


Pascagoula Decoys, 2003

Bosworth & Hayes

Whistling Wings, Whittled Ducks & Wetlands, 1996, S/C, O/P


Arkansas Duck Hunters Almanac, 1998, S/C, H/C

Bourne Auction Co.

American Bird Decoys, William Mackey's auction catalogs, 1973, 1974, 5 vols, + S/C, O/P

Decoys & Proven Methods for Using Them, 2000

The Rare Decoy Collection of George Ross Starr, Jr., MD, 1986, Auction Catalog, O/P


Waterfowl Decoys & the Men Who Made Them, From SW Ontario, 1986, O/P


Artists in Wood. The Winona St. University Waterfowl Decoy Collection, 2005


Susquehanna River Decoys, 1978, O/P


Barnegat Bay Decoys & Gunning Clubs, 1985, S/C

Caldwell, Russell H.

Reelfoot Lake, revised 1988 and 1989, O/P

Reelfoot Lake Remembered, 2005


George Boyd, the Shorebird Decoy, an American Folk Art, 1978, + S/C, O/P


Decoy Collecting Primer, 1978, O/P


Mason Decoys, 1974, O/P

L. T. Ward & Bros., Wildfowl Counterfeiters, 1970, O/P


Louisiana Lures and Legends, 1997, O/P

Chitwood & Knight

Connecticut Decoys, 1987

Christensen, Robert D.

Duck Calls of Illinois, 1863 - 1963, 1993


American Decoys from 1865 to 1920, 1972, S/C, O/P


Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater, 1947 & later edits,O/P

Duck Decoys, How to Make Them, How to Paint them, How to Rig Them, 1953, O/P

Wildfowling in the Mississippi Flyway, 1949, Deluxe edit, 1984,both O/P


Waterfowl Heritage, North Carolina, Decoys and Gunning Lore, 1983, O/P


The Gobbler’s Shop - How to Make Turkey Calls, 1999, O/P

The Last Hurray, 2002

Cost & Meo

Cost Talks Turkey, 2000

Cowan & LaFountain

Wild Fowler Decoys, 2004

Coykendall, Ralf, Sr.

Duck Decoys and How to Rig Them, 1955, O/P. Also revised edit by Ralf, Jr., 1983


The Songless Aviary, The World of A. E. Crowell and Son, 1992, S/C, O/P


Decoys: St. Clair to the St. Lawrence, 1989, O/P


Factory Decoys of Mason, Stevens, Dodge, Peterson, 1980, also Deluxe edit

Firearms and Tackle Memorabilia, 1991, O/P

New England Decoys, 1981, O/P

Dewhurst & MacDowell

Down River & Thumb Area, Michigan Waterfowling, the Folk Artsof Nate Quillen & Otto Misch, 1981, + S/C

Rainbows in the Sky, The Folk Art of Mich. in the Twentieth Century, 1978, S/C

Dodge and Sharp

Detroit Decoy Dynasty - The Factory Decoys of Petersen, Dodge, and Mason


Cateret Waterfowl Heritage,North Carolina, 1993

Mattamuskeet & Ocracoke Waterfowl Heritage, North Carolina, 1995, O/P

Wings: North Carolina Waterfowling Traditions, 2001


The Art of the Decoy: American Bird Carvings, 1981, revised, S/C

Folk Art in America, 1984

Engers (edit)

Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys, 1990


Life at Moscow Bay, 2001


American Factory Decoys, 1981, O/P

Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic Region, 1979, S/C, also Deluxe edit. 1981 S/C, I/P

New Jersey Decoys, 1983

Shore Bird Decoys, 1980, also Deluxe edit, O/P

Southern Decoys of Virginia and the Carolinas, 1983

Fleming (edit)

Traditions in Wood, A History of Wildfowl Decoys in Canada, 1987, O/P

Fleming, James C. Jr.

Custom Calls, Duck & Goose Calls from Today's Craftsmen, 1995


Louisiana Duck Decoys, 1975, S/C, O/P. 1978, O/P

Wetland Heritage - The Louisiana Duck Decoy, 1984


Louisiana Duck Calls, 2004


Classic Waterfowl Postcards, 1989

Gard & McGrath

The Ward Brothers Decoys, A Collector's Guide, 1989, O/P

Gard & Shaw

The McCleary Auction, 2001


Ontario Decoys, #I, 1982, S/C, O/P

Ontario Decoys, #II, 1991, H/C & S/C

Goldberger & Haid

Mason Decoys, A Pictorial Guide, 1993. Revised 2003


Working Decoys of the Jersey Coast, 1985, O/P


Decoys of Maritime Canada, 1983


Upper Chesapeake Bay Decoys and Their Makers, 1990


Decoys of the Mississippi Flyway, 1981, O/P, Also Deluxe edit.

Harlan, Howard & Anderson, W. Crew

Duck Calls - an Enduring American Folk Art, 1988

Harlan, Howard

Turkey Calls - An Enduring American Folk Art, 1994


Decoys of Lake Champlain, 1986

Decoys: North America’s 100 Greatest, 2000

Holmes (edit)

R.A. Knuth, Wisc. - Mich., Decoy Carver, 1982 - 1980. 1980, S/C, O/P

Huster & Knight

Floating Sculpture & the Decoys of Delaware River, 1982, also a Deluxe. Edition., O/P


The Collectors Guide to Decoys, Book # I, 1989, S/C, O/P

The Collectors Guide to Decoys, Book # II, 1992, S/C, O/P


Benj J. Schmidt, A Michigan Decoy Carver, 1884 - 1968. 1970, O/P, S/C


The Bird Decoy, An American Art Form, 1976, O/P


Canvas Decoys of North America, 1994, S/C

Johnson & Coppedge

n Clubs & Decoys of Back Bay and Currituck Sound, 1991, O/P, S/C in print


Great Lakes Decoy Interpretations, 2011, H/C

Collectors Guide to Decoys, 1992, S/C, O/P

Decoys, 1991, H/C, O/P

Decoys: A North American Survey, 1983, H/C, O/P

Kangas & Kirson

Bonfire of Swans, 2012, H/C


The Fish Decoy, Vol. I, 1986, O/P

The Fish Decoy, Vol. II, 1987, O/P

The Fish Decoy, Vol. III, 1993, O/P


Hook, Line & Spear, The Ice Fishing History of Lake Sincoe, 2001


Decoys of the Winnebago Lakes (Wisc.) 1988, O/P

Whispering Wings & Wooden Blocks, 1997, O/P

Decoys of the Winnebago Lakes - Revised with new pictures, 2000

All Duck Hunters are Crazy, 2000


The Wooden Bird (Illinois), 1989, S/C, O/P

Perdew, An Illinois River Tradition, 1993, Regular and Deluxe Edition

Lawson & Linton

The Story of Lem Ward, 1984


The Art of American Game Calls: Duck, Goose, Turkey and More, 2005

Levinson & Headley

Shorebirds: The Decoys, the Birds, the Hunters, 1991


Collecting Antique Bird Decoys, An Identification & Value Guide, 1983, O/P. Revised and updated 1992, S/C, I/P. Revised 2003


American Bird Decoys, 1965 - 1985, O/P

For auction catalogs of his collection see "Bourne" listing.


Neil Cost Magic with Wood, 2004

Mattsson & Sullivan

Captured in Wood, Decoys at the Havre De Grace Decoy Museum, 1996 S/C

McGrath, Brian

Duck Calls and Other Game Calls, 1988 O/P


Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats & Their Makers, 1978, S/C, O/P.Revised 1990

Merkt & Lytle

Shang, A Biography of Charles Wheeler, 1984, O/P


American Fish Decoy, 2004


Call Makers Past and Present, 1994, O/P

Longbeards, Callmakers and Memories, 2005

The Rest of the Best, 1999

Miller & Hanson

Wildfowl Decoys of the Pacific Coast, 1989, O/P


Early American Waterfowling, 1700's - 1930. 1986, O/P

Duck Hunting on the Fox, 2002


Martha's Vinyard Decoys, 1978, O/P


The Essential Guide to Stevens Decoys, Vol 1. 2004

Nistetter & Lux

Predator Calls – The 1st 50 Years, 2002, also a Deluxe edition

O’Brien, Jr. & Carlson

Masterworks of the Illinois River, 2005

Parmalee & Loomis

Decoys and Decoy Carvers of Illinois, 1969, 1983, H/C, O/P, S/C


Folk Art Fish Decoys, 1996

Fish Decoy Makers Past and Present, 2001


The Decoy, 2001


Peter M. Pringle Master Decoy Maker, 2002


Floaters and Stick-Ups, 1986, O/P

Reiser III

Chance: A Man of Great Talent, Strength, and Mystery, 2003


Chesapeake Bay Decoys, The Men Who Made and Used Them, 1971, 1973, O/P. Revised and reprinted 1991


Decoy Ducks, 1988, O/P


R. Madison Mitchell, 1988


The Index of North American Decoy Carvers and Factories, 1994, S/C, O/P


Call to the Sky, The Decoy Collection of Dr. James McCleery, MD, 1992, H/C, O/P, S/C


Decoy Collectors Guide, Vols 1, 2, 3, 1963-1965, One H/C volume, O/P

Decoy Collectors Guide, #4, 1966-67, S/C, O/P

Decoy Collectors Guide, #5, 1968, S/C, O/P

Decoy Collectors Guide, #6, 1977, S/C, O/P


Ira D. Hudson & Family chincoteague Carvers, 2002


Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway, 1974, 1983, also a Deluxe edition.O/P

For auction catalog of his collection, see "Bourne" listing.


The County Decoys: The Fine Old Decoys of Prince Edward County Ontario, 2004

Stewart & Lunman

Decoys of the Thousand Islands, 1992


American Sporting Advertising, Volume 1, 1987, S/C, O/P

American Sporting Advertising, Volume 2, O/P


A Chronicle of Letters, Robert F. McGaw, Jr., 1985, S/C

Waterfowling - The Upper Chesapeake's Legacy, 1984

Waterfowling on the Chesapeake, 1819-1936, 2003

Swanson & Hall

The Decoy as Folk Sculpture, exhibit, Cranbrook, MI., 1987, S/C


Top of the Line Fishing Collectibles, 1997

Top of the Line Hunting Collectibles, 1998

Fish and Fowl Decoy’s of the Great Lakes, 2002


Gunners Paradise: Wildfowling and Decoys on Long Island, Decoys at the Museums at Stony Brook, NY, 1979, S/C, O/P

Traff & Lindgren

The Last of the Prairie Carvers, John Tax, 1970, S/C, O/P


North American Factory Decoys, 2003

Turpin, Tom

Ducks, How to Call Them, 1931, reprint 1987 S/C

Listing courtesy of The Hunting Rig, Dean and Shirley Dashner


Joseph W. Lincoln, 2002


American Wildfowl Decoys, 1985, 1989, O/P

Walsh & Jackson

Waterfowl Decoys of Michigan and Lake St. Clair Region, 1983,O/P


Closed for Business, The Complete Collection of Steve Ward's Poetry, 1992, O/P

Warner & White

The Decoy as Art, Waterfowl in a Wooden Soul, 1985, O/P, also a Deluxe edition.

Webster & Kehoe

Decoys at Shelburne Museum, 1961, revised 1971, S/C, O/P


Winchester Rarities, 2000

Duck/Goose/Turkey Call Books